Evelyn Williams (1929-2012)

Photograph of Evelyn WilliamsPhoto: BRUCE BERNARD

The art world half-a-century ago, when Evelyn Williams began her career, was a macho preserve. Since then there has been the successful feminist revolution, at least in the arts, and the situation has reversed. In art schools female students outnumber the male. Women artists, like Evelyn, who managed to establish themselves before the sea-change, are heroic pioneers. She has blazed a trail in the most universal subject of all, human relationships - en masse, in groups, families, couples or concentrating solitude. She has done this with the vision of a poet and the empathy of a wife, mother and grandmother. The result, as subtle in technique as it is profound in feeling and visionary in scope, has no equivalent.
John McEwen

Her work deserves to be as well-know as those of her fellow 1961 John Moores prize-winners, Blake, Blow, Hockney, Kitaj, Kossoff, McWilliam and Uglow.
Huon Mallalieu

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The Last Paintings. Martin Tinney Gallery

An exhibition of Evelyn's works is being shown at the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff from 25th February - 25th March 2015.

18 St Andrew's Crescent
CF10 3DD
T: +44 (0)29 2064 1411
For more info contact mtg@artwales.com

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A Life's Work
published by Sansom & Company

This book is special and perhaps unclassifiable, like the artist it celebrates. Evelyn Williams’ work has won life-long plaudits. Her work features in major collections and throughout her life there were significant exhibitions and publications.

Because the work chimes with part of the world view of those who live with her paintings, drawings, sculptures and reliefs, it felt important and novel to capture the meaning of this artist’s work from her appreciators in their own words and bring them together in this publication.

So it is a book based around celebrating the artist through an assessment from those for whom the work is a daily presence in their lives – those who admire her as an artist and those who own her work.

The Art of Evelyn Williams
ISBN 978-1-908326-71-3
29.8 x 24.5 cm
288 pages
For more info contact sales@sansomandcompany.co.uk

The book is so beautiful. The words and images combine in an extraordinary dance that finally connect deep within you.
Helen Mirren, who recorded Evelyn's words in the video of Works and Words
A more personal intimate whispered, less institutional art, I have never seen.
David Lee in the Art Review, 1997
All Evelyn's work has a deep contemplative stillness within it. The dignity of her figures - women above all - is a consequence of their listening hearts. Looking at Evelyn's paintings I think of Keats' "unheard melodies"... love is her theme.
Sister Wendy Beckett

Evelyn Williams died on November 14th 2012 aged 83. There were obituaries in The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

She received little recognition in her lifetime from the Art Establishment but her work is greatly valued by many people who own her drawings, paintings and reliefs. A book recording their appreciation has been recently published. David Lee has said of the book: “I think it is the most honest and authentic book about an artist I’ve ever read. Everything in it is felt and genuine. Her work is borne into the future on a tidal wave of love. Nobody exaggerates and everyone addresses the work directly, which is a testimony to how Evie’s work drags you straight into the profundities of life. Evie’s work will be looked at, understood and valued in a hundred years. This is the best reward for any artist neglected in their own time, that their work transcends fashion and touches us forever.”

The Evelyn Williams Trust is a registered charity set up by Evie and her husband in 1991. On Evie’s death all her work and intellectual property became the property of the Trust but will remain on sale to benefit the Trust’s activities.

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