Evelyn Williams died on November 14th 2012 aged 83. There were substantial obituaries in The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

She received little recognition in her lifetime from the Art Establishment but her work is greatly valued by many people who own her drawings, paintings and reliefs. A book recording their appreciation has been printed in draft and will be published in 2013. David Lee has said of the draft: “I think it is the most honest and authentic book about an artist I’ve ever read. Everything in it is felt and genuine. Her work is borne into the future on a tidal wave of love. Nobody exaggerates and everyone addresses the work directly, which is a testimony to how Evie’s work drags you straight into the profundities of life. Evie’s work will be looked at, understood and valued in a hundred years. This is the best reward for any artist neglected in their own time, that their work transcends fashion and touches us forever.”

The Evelyn Williams Trust is a registered charity set up by Evie and her husband in 1991. On Evie’s death all her work and intellectual property became the property of the Trust but will remain on sale to benefit the Trust’s activities.

Esmond Bridgeman has written software to establish a “Mega Scroll” of over one thousand of Evie’s works and this will go online shortly for use by any interested viewers and those considering a retrospective.

The Trustees would welcome memories, comments and appreciation from any source. anthony@evelywilliams.com

Buying work 2013

Summer Painting
The Girl In A Wood (oil on canvas 2010 122 x 152 cms) shown in 2011 by Martin Tinney Gallery and Summer Painting sold at the 2009 Royal Academy Summer show, London.

Triptych: The Family

Triptych: The Family

This large charcoal triptych dating from 1977 was sold at the 2008 Abbott and Holder exhibition.

The Birds & The Woods 2

The birds The Woods 2

These major works were sold by Agnews in their brilliant "Looking Forward" show in July 2007.